Complete sender control

You manage and control the mailing lists and decide who, what and when they receive it. You can set your own ‘from’ email address so the email always looks like it comes from you, set your own reply-to email address and set your own subject title.

Send now or schedule for later

We take all the messy work out of the equation by processing any bounces and unsubscribes for you automatically. Sending HTML email campaigns has never been easier, this user-friendly online tool has been designed with you in mind, giving you ultimate control over your own email marketing.

Manage subscribers

In short you can easily:

  • Send yourself a test prior to campaign mail out.
  • Manage and select which of your mailing lists receive each campaign.
  • Send the campaign immediately or schedule delivery for a later time and date.
  • Gain piece of mind in knowing PillarboxRead™ manages all your unsubscribes.
  • Manage your email marketing budget with the simple pay-as-you-go facility.

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