3rd Class
2rd Class
1st Class

Pay as you go – control your own spend and budgets

You are in full control of how much you spend and when you spend it and there are no hidden fees. The pricing structure is just as simple - a basic sending fee of £10.00 plus an additional £0.02p per recipient.

For example let's say you're sending an email to a database of 1,000 subscribers. This would equate to the basic sending fee of £10.00 plus £20 for the recipients (£0.02p x 1000), bringing the total to just £30.00! There are a number of payment options to meet your individual requirements and bulk discounts are available for large quantities. Campaigns sent to less than 5 people are delivered free of charge.

To get you started we offer a number of HTML email template design packages, all of which are outlined below. Further HTML email, web consultation and design solutions are available if required on a project-by-project or contract basis.

£175 (plus VAT)

3rd Class - The basic essentials

Get your company logo, information and colours on to 3 generic templates (text only, image & text and news bulletin).

For only £175 (plus VAT*) this option provides you with a set of personalised templates and introduces to the wide world of email marketing without any large investment.

£350 (plus VAT)

2nd Class – Creating a bit more of an edge

So you’ve seen what PillarboxRead™ can do and would like to take it a stage further. You have an idea or an old template you would like adapting? No problem! We'll take your idea or design, convert it into a fully editable email template and load it into PillarboxRead™ ready for you to use. And all for just £350 (plus VAT*).

£750 (plus VAT)

1st Class – Totally bespoke for maximum branded impact

This is the ultimate package, you know the value of email marketing and know what gets results. Our team of expert designers will design and create a completely bespoke email template to meet your specific campaign requirements (taking into account any logos, colours, images or corporate guidelines).

This option provides great value and service from an award winning team of designers all for just £750 (plus VAT*).

Sign up now to PillarboxRead™ and kick start your email marketing strategy!

*VAT is charged at 17.5% where applicable.