We'll set you up on the system and design a fantastic looking HTML template for you to use, you then create your mailing list and you are all set ready to go! You can have, and manage, as many templates and lists as you want. Visitors to your website can even add themselves to your PillarboxRead™ mailing list*!

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Log in to your account, set up a new a campaign, select which template you require and away you go. You can add as much text as you want, with images if required and can even re-order items once they have been added. All editing can be done live on screen, allowing you to preview your changes while you work!

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With the campaign now ready to go just select the required mailing list, send and await the results. You can set up as many campaigns as you like and if they arenít going out straight away just set a date and time and leave the rest to PillarboxRead™. Confirmation will be sent to you upon completion.

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Within minutes PillarboxRead™ is recording information and you will receive detailed reports showing who has read the message, unsubscribed and much more. PillarboxRead™ is a simple, effective tool that allows you to measure the success of, and plan, your future HTML campaigns and email marketing activity.

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PillarboxRead™ is the ultimate email marketing tool - easy to use, user-friendly and managed and controlled entirely by you.

To benefit from PillarboxRead™ you simply fill in the registration form, selecting which design package you require, and we will contact you shortly after with your login and account details!

After each campaign PillarboxRead™ supplies you with a full report making the process seamless and effortless for you, the user. PillarboxRead™ even manages the unsubscribes leaving you free to get on with your next campaign!

Sign up now to PillarboxRead™ and kick start your email marketing strategy!

*Requires adding code to a page within your website.